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A well-established professional organisation

Viseum, Morez


The Jura federation of eyewear manufacturers, chaired since October 2007 by Jérôme Colin, the CEO of Oxibis, carries out innovative actions with the backing of the public authorities as part of a programme of collective initiatives: it is involved in research and development (through A.LU.TEC), design and marketing, as well as providing support to firms on the French and export markets. The federation also represents its members in various professional bodies at national level (SILMO association, GIFO, Lunettes de France, ALU.TEC).

A comprehensive sector in an ultra-competitive environment

First and foremost, the Jura eyewear manufacturers boast a comprehensive range of skills devoted to the French eyewear industry, including all industrial and commercial professions:


  • Design and manufacturing of optical frames and sunglasses
  • Manufacturing of protective frames
  • Design and manufacturing of eyewear components
  • Surface coatings, decoration, etc.
  • Manufacturing of accessories (cases, lanyards, POP concepts, etc.)
  • Design and manufacturing of machines


Within the same region, this integrated network of companies designs and makes more than 2,000 new models per year, works and innovates for more than 100 brands, and produces more than 10 million frames per year, half of which are exported to the four corners of the world (40% to the USA/Canada, 45% in Europe and 10% in Asia). It works in close collaboration with the industry in and around Paris (sub-contracting for most designers) as well as in Oyonnax.

Despite a significant drop in exports, France, faced with increasingly tough competition from Asia as well as the problem of counterfeit goods, is still the 6th biggest exporter of spectacle frames in the world.

For the eyewear manufacturers of the Jura, the future involves introducing products with a difference to the market that are underpinned by the following values:


  • A commitment to quality, which is the fruit of outstanding know-how.
  • A desire to innovate industrially and in terms of design.
  • A policy of strong brands and labels.
  • A quest for comfort and products that are perfectly suited to the consumer, which low-cost competitors are currently unable to provide.

In figures…

  • 2.300 employees
  • Turnover of € 250 million, 50% for export
  • 43 members
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